Provide Your Own Jeopardy! Answers

2021-09-18 - Reading time: ~1 minute


An exceedingly simple recreation of the answer cards seen on Jeopardy!. But it's worth noting that the modern answer cards aren't actually a simple blue background, but a surprisingly nuanced barely perceptible gradient. Without it, something looks 'off', so hopefully I've added just enough here to satisfy. ;)

This isn't the original font, either, but a recreation... supposedly...

Look, it goes down a weird hole and this is just a fun CSS exercise. 😉

Anyway, the 'editable' part of this is a cheat, using contenteditable attribute on the containing div tag.

Sadistic 80s Optimus

2021-09-16 - Reading time: ~1 minute



2021-08-16 - Reading time: ~1 minute

This guy. Geez. 🙄

Review: Space Jam: A New Legacy

2021-07-17 - Reading time: 2 minutes


If they'd called it "Space Jam 2.0" it'd almost be appropriate: "New Legacy" is the same basic premise, but with improvements everywhere.

And maybe a little TRON rubbed in for good measure.

I literally saw the original Space Jam earlier this year for the first time, so I don't place it on a pedestal. There's no nostalgia tint for me, outside of basic pop culture references to it.

I liked the original, but overall it felt like a flick of certain era, who's success was largely boosted thanks to the obvious gimmick involved.

New Legacy, too, is a gimmick film, make no mistake. But in 2021, nothing it does technically, as far as modern audiences are concerned, is "special". Mixing humans and CGI and classic cartoon animation is old hat by now, and no longer a feat that can carry a film to success, alone.

While New Legacy absolutely pushes as hard as it can into the marketing cross-over spectacle, and the real life/animation gimmick, the actual skeleton of the story that's draped over is much stronger. It now leans hard to the relationship between a father and son. In fact, it's central to the conflict both at home, and on the court.

Don't misread me: it's still corny as hell, and you have to kind of go in with a certain attitude and accept that it'll be absurd. But that's no more or less than what you needed to enjoy the original film.

But overall? I dug it quite a bit. Wasn't expecting that.


3 Minutes On... Bananas

2021-07-15 - Reading time: ~1 minute

After a couple years, I've finally recorded a brand new 3 Minutes On! Hoping to do these a lot more frequently. What's next? You decide! (Wait, no, that's ERB's thing.)